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InBound-ready sites with CRM and automated marketing software built right in.


Automated marketing programs that attract, nurture and convert leads into repeat customers.

Content Management

Let us create your blogs, offers, videos and more to position you as a thought-leader in your industry.


Delighted customers are repeat customers. We provide insights that build sales momentum.

Don't be so quick to hire!

Small and medium-sized businesses call us before hiring a full-time marketing manager because we take care of that function more effectively and efficiently.

We help clients by building their marketing promotions and set systems in place to make it prolific. This includes integrating the main components of a holistic inbound marketing campaign from landing pages to blogging to promoting on all channels, and using cutting edge technology to measure its impact.

For a monthly retainer fee, you get the benefits of a marketing expert on staff, without the added overhead expense. The Virtual Marketer assigned to your account works remotely and has flexible hours based on your retainer fee.

Our clients love this working arrangement because they get tremendous value and are able to spread their marketing budget throughout the year.  

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They’re people, not targets.

Written by Jody Smith  /  Published: Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to identify the personas you’re marketing to.


Dividing your target audience into “Personas” will bring a whole new perspective to your marketing. In the past we used to get hung up with Target Marketing, dividing our prospective audience into demographics and psychographics based on our marketing goals. The smaller the niche we were targeting, the more wasteful mass media became, annoying at least half those in the target audience that had no interest in what we had to say.


The problem is people are so different it’s hard to place them into a pre-defined cluster. And it’s not becoming any easier as today’s consumer is presented more options than ever before with a web of resources at their fingertips.

You need to focus on talking to people, not targets.

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